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Please pick up my boat anytime after:
Boat pick ups are coordinated by the office based on location. Poor weather conditions may cause delays in the pick up schedule. It is not uncommon for us to pick up boats after your "pick up after" date. Please get in touch with us if this presents an issue. **If you have a special circumstance that requires the boat to be picked up ON a certain day, please call or email us**
Marina, slip number, home address, etc.
Please make sure you leave your keys in the boat. Tell us here where we can expect to find them when we come to pick up. If your boat has a start code, please list it below.
Lift Canopy *
Canopy Care Program - $395
Lift Battery *
Lift battery removal, storage, and installation - $45 **Please note that batteries in lift boxes with solar chargers do not need to be removed from dock**
Cabin Cruisers *
Head systems that are not pumped prior to pick up will be pumped by Big Lake Recreation and the customer will be charged accordingly.
"None" if no additional service is necessary
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